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December 11th 2012
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Nia Griffith MP held the meeting of the All Party Parliamentary group on Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), a low cost drug which research suggests can treat  a number of autoimmune and central nervous system disorders including some cancers, which  is not readily available on the NHS.  Although Naltrexone is licensed in high dosages, it is presently unlicensed in lower dosages.  This means GPs are forced to prescribe the drug off label and understandably, many in fear of libel, are reluctant to do so. Similarly its low cost nature makes it unattractive for pharmaceutical companies to carry out expensive clinical trials.

Many MPs raised the personal experiences of their constituents who live everyday with these chronic conditions, and the improvement LDN has made on their health and quality of life. Tom Blenkinsopp MP also informed  the meeting of the opening of the ‘Gateway Centre’ in Middlesbrough, a centre for neurological conditions that provides holistic care for patients, from expert in-house rehabilitation and specialist housing to health and wellbeing facilities for the whole community.

Nia Griffith said about the APPG: “This is an important step in tackling the obstacles which are preventing Drs prescribing LDN on the NHS. MPs from across the country came together today, all with the shared experience of meeting constituents who suffer from chronic conditions, and have found LDN to improve their health and the quality of their lives. We plan to carry out this much-needed inquiry and present our findings to the government later this year.”

Nia Griffith MP