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December 11th 2012
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Our goal from the beginning has been to attract the attention of the Government.  The debate in the House of Commons on the 8th December 2011 has been very successful and has defined in parliament the whole debate for legitimisation of LDN. We now have a large and growing support from MP's to form an All Party Parliamentary Group. The transcript can be read here - the debate transcript

By forming an APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) for LDN, this represents a real opportunity to resolve all the difficulties and challenges surrounding LDN’s availability. We are now asking for as many people as possible in the UK to contact their MP and request them to join this initiative. You can point them at  the debate transcript (above) or ask them to contact Nia Griffith MP directly. Please contact us via the contact page if you need any assistance,

You can also contact your MP here - Click here to write to your MEP MSP or MP and AM

You can also contact your MP here - Click here to write to your MEP MSP or MP and AM.

The inaugural meeting of the LDN APPG took place on 12th December 2012 with Dr Tom Gilhooly leading the discussion.  Please read the attached summary from our LDNNow attendees LDNNow APPG Meeting   The formation of the APPG is an important step towards building this movement to reach our objectives. It has been agreed the aims are as follows:-

1.     To encourage further research into the possible uses of Low Dose Naltrexone;

2.     To secure clinical trials leading to the licensing of Low Dose Naltrexone:- because patient use is widespread and we need the proof of efficacy as much as the doctors.

3.    To make Low Dose Naltrexone available to treat appropriate conditions when requested by the patient because LDN seems a safe option with no clinical reasons to deny it.

4.     To further investigate NICE – ESUOMs (Evidence Summaries for Unlicensed and Off-label Medicines) to assess LDN  We hope 2013 will be an exciting year with Nia Griffith MP heading up this campaign.

LDNNow Scotland

Documents generated by LDNNow's campaign at The Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee - click here 


The Department of Health’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) supports the research most likely to bring benefits to patients and to the NHS. High quality proposals for support into any aspect of human health are always welcome. The NIHR Health Technology Assessment programme in particular is keen to receive suggestions for research topics in areas of market failure. These can be sent through the open access form at www.hta.ac.uk/suggest/index.shtml.  To date, no application has been received regarding low dose naltrexone. Any application would be considered on its merits.We contacted the NIHR Health Technology Assessment programme, a body established to fund and pursue research which cannot find funding commercially. We asked them for research into LDN as a front line, first do no harm, and safe therapy, for use with Cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Response from NIHR HTA