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LDN is legally a prescriptiononly drug.  Our recommendation is always to work with your own Doctor.

Some doctors may be reluctant to prescribe Low Dose Naltrexone with it being an off label medication.  Should youfind this to be the case, there are options to have a consultation withexperienced LDN prescribing Drs to discuss whether this is a suitable treatmentfor you:-

LDN Surgery


Crystal Nason holds a list of prescribing LDN Drs around the world, please email her to find a LDN prescribing Dr by clicking here  LDNDrListRequest@aol.com

With the high demand for effective, nontoxic treatments by patients the world over, we support the need to further research into the use of Naltrexone for various disorders. By getting Naltrexone through the below, not only are you assured of the quality of the product, but you will be doing your bit to support research into this biotherapy approach to medicine as the following places have agreed to support research by donating a portion of their sales directly to Penn State. 

LDN Surgery


Recommended OGF Supplier:-

Biofactor GmbH     

Pharmaceutical Import-Export
Rudolf-Huch-Str. 14
38667 Bad Harzburg

Tel: +49 (0) 5322 / 96 05 14

Fax:  +49 (0) 5322 / 96 05 16

Email: info@biofactor.de 

At Biofactor, OGF (met enkephalin) is sold under the name of Lupex-Peptide M.  Dosing suggestions can be found on the Lupex website.  You can obtain an order form (within the EU and/or outside the EU) from contacting Biofactor .