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"LDN is not a miracle drug. It is a drug that implements the biotherapy approach to medicine, which is all about artificially stimulating the bodies own defences and systems in order to restore control over systemic diseases. This control is how most people remain clear of these diseases in normal health. The immune system we have has evolved over billions of years and does many jobs far better than our modern, symptom relief drug culture ever can."  LDNNow

About Us:-

LDNNow are a political/pressure group of individuals dedicated to getting Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) accepted into modern medicine and dedicated to the myriad of uses it is believed it shows benefit for. These uses include autoimmune diseases and many cancers (cell proliferative diseases).

In our unanimous opinion, it is scandalous that if another use is found for a generic drug after its patent expires, it cannot be made available without trials. These trials are too expensive when the sponsor wants to recover their investment.  This is a blatant case of profit standing in the way of people’s lives.  People are suffering needlessly because they cannot get LDN or because they are not being told about it.  This is not an exaggeration but neither is it intentional: it is just consequence of leaving health care to the world of business.  We need to short circuit this apathy right now!

About the Website:-

We aim to provide factual and referenceable information about LDN and OGF for both patients and medical professionals.

We have put links up under the various pages on the left hand side of our website for quick access to the latest findings about LDN and OGF.

To follow our campaign please click here Campaign News

 For a layman’s understanding of how LDN/OGF works please click here LDN Now Blog.

We hope this site will act as a simple signpost to all the fantastic work being done to bring LDN and OGF into the world where it needs to be.  We hope you will find it helpful and please don’t forget to sign our Guest Book.  Thank you for visiting!

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